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Module 1: Keto Kickstarter

9 Videos

12 Bonuses

Welcome to Module 1

Welcome to Keto Crush— the ultimate guide to mastering the ketogenic diet. I'm SO glad you're here and I can't wait to get started!

Module 1 Objectives

This week is jam-packed with valuable information. We'll begin with a complete breakdown of what the keto diet is as well as what benefits and side effects to expect while on the ketogenic diet. From there, we'll begin planning and preparing for ultimate keto success. This includes calculating your macros, setting you up with a dietary tracking device as well as laying out some specific clean keto guidelines.

Lesson 1: Keto 101: Intro to Keto

Lesson one will focus on understanding the ketogenic diet. Beyond defining what the keto diet is (and why it's more than just a fad diet), we'll also discuss how it works on a physiological level. Finally, we'll touch on what sorts of benefits (other than weight-loss) can be expected by implementing the ketogenic diet.

Lesson 2: Keto-flu: What to Expect

Lesson two will cover what to expect during keto adaptation. The good news— when properly formulated, the ketogenic diet has no long-term side effects. The bad news— you'll likely feel worse before you feel better. Hit play for a discussion on the potential short-term side effects associated with keto.

Lesson 3: Macros: Everything
You Need to Know

Lesson three is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to ensure ketogenic success. This includes food journaling techniques as well as a clear breakdown of what it takes to calculate and track your daily carb, fat, and protein intake.

Lesson 4: Setting the Clean Keto

Lesson four is a BIG one! Complete with meal plans and grocery lists, this lesson will map out keto do's and don'ts in their entirety. By the end of this lesson, you'll have a clear understanding of what to eat and what to avoid in order to begin a clean ketogenic diet.

Lesson 5: Adding in Accountability

Lesson five will focus on the importance of a support system when making serious lifestyle changes—because as you know— making dietary changes isn't easy. Therefore the more support we can build in, the greater your chance of success.

Lesson 6: Combating Cravings Without Willpower

What do you think your diet would look like if you didn’t experience cravings? What if I told you that cravings are actually designed to satisfy nutritional needs? Lesson six will focus on combating cravings— we’ll discuss why we have cravings, how to make sense of them, and what to do about them.

Lesson 7: Ketone Testing + Troubleshooting

Lesson seven will address how to measure the effectiveness of your ketogenic diet by testing ketone levels. We'll also spend some time covering common issues that may prevent you from properly entering ketosis and achieving dietary success.

Module 2: Keto Crusher

9 Videos

9 Bonuses

Welcome to Module 2

Module two will focus on shifting the palate to appreciate the taste of unadulterated, wholesome food. Shifting the palate requires reprogramming. Reprogramming will naturally take place as we introduce nutrient-dense foods into our diet. This week we'll review the basics of adequate nutrition, essentially defining a new food pyramid that's probably unlike any you've seen before.

Module 2 Objectives

Module two is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of which foods will ensure ketogenic success. We're going to walk through the basics of adequate nutrition from a ketogenic standpoint— that way you'll never be confused by what you "should" or "should-not" be eating in order to achieve dietary success.

Lesson 1: Clean Keto vs. Dirty Keto

Lesson one will focus on understanding the differences between clean and dirty keto. Plenty of people out there are going to give you all sorts of feedback on what you can or cannot eat in order to remain in ketosis. However, where the majority of keto dieters fall short is in the misunderstanding of clean ketogenic practices. In order to ensure optimal health and long-term keto success, it's imperative you follow a clean ketogenic approach. I'm going to show you the way!

Lesson 2: Clearing up Carb Confusion

Carbs make you fat. No, no, no, carbs are the body’s preferred energy source. Okay, carbs should be the bulk of our diet then? Well, not exactly. Confused? Lesson two is devoted to clearing up carb confusion. After today's lesson, you’ll have a clear understanding of simple and complex carbohydrates, as well as which carbs are optimal on the ketogenic diet.

Lesson 3: Fueling with Fat

So you’re telling me I can eat steaks and deviled eggs all day, every day, as long as I steer clear of cakes and cookies? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. But I will tell you that all the calorically dense food you have been viewing as off-limits may not be as bad as you’ve been told. Lesson three will focus on the importance of fat within a healthy diet. We’ll identify healthy versus unhealthy fats. Ultimately, we’ll clear fat’s bad rap and work to welcome it back into our diet.

Lesson 4: Protein Pro: Meat Labels Explained

Lately, there’s a lot of terminology floating around about protein— organic, grass-fed, hormone-free, cage-free, etc. Curious what it all means? Lesson four will cover the basics of protein, including the best options to reach for. We’ll address the importance of selecting quality choices as well as the benefits of limiting your protein consumption.

Lesson 5: Dairy: Is it Part of a Healthy Diet?

True or false, consuming dairy leads to lowered rates of osteoporosis? Lesson five will focus on the controversial topic of dairy. You’ll leave today’s lesson with a better idea of whether or not to include dairy into your new and improved diet. We’ll also cover what to consider, and which products to reach for when selecting dairy products for consumption.

Lesson 6: The 411 on Fruit

Spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as “good” sugar. There are certainly good nutrients in fruit. However, fruit sugar is no better for the body than regular cane sugar. Lesson seven will cover the basics of fruit. We’ll address why fruit is not as necessary a component of a healthy diet as we had once believed.

Lesson 7: Clean Cheats

Lesson seven will address how to go about satiating cravings with clean keto cheats.We'll have a look at how you can turn some of your favorites such as cookies, bagels, pizza and pasta into pleasurable ketogenic experiences.

Keto Crush is a comprehensive online program designed to walk you through the what, why and how of the ketogenic diet.

Throughout your Keto Crush, you’ll enjoy delicious, nutrient-dense meals and snacks that will satisfy your body in a way a carb binge never could. You’ll reset your metabolism, and turn your body into a full-on, fat-burning beast.

Upon completion of this 30-day program (providing you follow the strategies and put in the work of course), you will find yourself in a state of optimal performance. 

And what does it mean to be in optimal performance? 

  • It means you’ll no longer suffer from insatiable cravings

  • You’ll reap the benefits of an efficient metabolism

  • You’ll normalize your appetite hormones and your hunger will diminish dramatically

  • You’ll boost your mood

  • Increase your energy

  • Lose weight

  • Improve your cognition

  • And the list goes on and on and on

This means never again will you have to worry about “blowing your diet” and falling back into the trap of yo-yo dieting. 

Ready? Because I’m about to unload all of my knowledge, years of research, most successful methods, and best kept dietary secrets!

Interested in this course? Let's get started! Enroll in Keto Crush today to get instant and lifelong access.

Meet the Instructor
IMG_2951 2.JPG
I'm Coach Katie— Nutritional Consultant and Ketogenic Specialist

Armed with a degree in Nutritional Anthropology and a Holistic Health Coach certification from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, Katie is on a mission to spread the good word of eating with awareness and living life empowered. 


Coach Katie lives keto all day, errryday. She keeps up to date on the latest science, so you don’t have to. But more importantly, she addresses your specific goals to help you achieve ultimate success on your keto journey. And it’s always better to have someone in your corner, guiding you along. So if you’re ready for total life transformation and ultimate keto success, strap in because Katie won't hold back. 

Module 3: Keto Hacker

9 Videos

4 Bonuses

Welcome to Module 3

Throughout Module 3 we'll be taking your well-formulated ketogenic diet to the next level. We'll discuss opportunities to level-up your keto diet with advanced strategies. This will ensure that you continue to progress and drop weight, even if it's your last stubborn pounds.

Module 3 Objectives

Module 3 is all about taking your well-formulated ketogenic diet to the next level. We'll discuss opportunities to level-up your keto diet with advanced strategies. This will ensure that you continue to progress and drop weight, even if it's your last stubborn pounds.

Lesson 1: Advanced Strategies

Lesson 1 will focus on fine tuning the ketogenic diet. We'll take a look at the various ways in which you can take your diet to the next level— if you so desire.

Lesson 2: Intermittent Fasting

Fasting— like not eating— for long periods of time? Sounds awful, right? I promise you, once you're fully fat-adapted, fasting is one of the easiest and least painful ways of accelerating weight loss and enhancing ketogenic benefits.

Lesson 3: Exogenous Ketones

There's no denying it, when it comes to hard work or a "magic pill," most of us would opt for the easy way out. And that's basically what exogenous ketones promise— easy access to ketones. Meet me inside lesson 3 to learn more.

Lesson 4: Keto + Alcohol:
Do They Mix?

Does the thought of giving up alcohol scare you even more than the thought of giving up sugar? Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to give up your beloved booze. Lesson 5 will tackle the issue of alcohol. We’ll discuss which drinks are best avoided and which are fair game, in moderation of course.

Lesson 5: Sleep, Exercise + HGH

Lesson 5 will address the importance of human growth hormones. We'll cover how to increase your level of HGH naturally with adequate sleep and exercise.

Lesson 6: Smart Snacking,
Meal Prepping + Eating Out

Lesson 6 will identify what it takes to maintain the ketogenic diet while living a wildly busy life. We'll discuss what it takes to be a smart snacker, what sorts of meals are easiest to prep, as well as how to maintain your diet while eating out.

Lesson 7: Cyclical Keto for Lifelong Success

Lesson 7 will identify a few simple variations of keto in order to transform your ketogenic crush into a lifelong love affair.

Module 4: Keto Thriver

10 Videos

8 Bonuses

Welcome to Module 4

Module 4 will focus on what it takes to maintain the principles of this program beyond our time together. Prepare yourself, because we're getting all kinds of personal throughout Module 4!

Module 4 Objectives

Are you ready to dig deep? Module 4 will get all kinds of personal. We’ll dive into the psyche— addressing the importance of health from a holistic approach. We’ll examine underlying factors that contribute to our face-stuffing behaviors. We’ll also have a look at what it takes to create a sustainable dietary system— one that’s personalized to meet your specific lifestyle needs.

Lesson 1: Mapping Your Intentions

Are you happy with keeping keto a short-term experience OR are you interested in long-term keto success? Lesson 1 is all about identifying your dietary intentions beyond our thirty days together.

Lesson 2: Hacking Your Habits

Is there a habit (dietary or otherwise) you’d like to change? Duh, no brainer? The better question is— how do we go about changing a habit? Lesson 2 will focus on diet as a series of habits. Essentially, we'll address what can be done to reroute your habitual tendencies.

Lesson 3: Be Here Now

How often have you caught yourself in a yoga class anticipating the next move followed by the next sequence and on to what you’ll have for lunch at Whole Foods once you’re free? Guilty. In Lesson 3 we’ll examine the importance of living the moment in relation to stress relief. We’ll have a look at how sugar and stress go hand-in-hand. And we’ll identify some practical ways in which you can cope with stress aside from stuffing your lovely face.

Lesson 4: Live the Limitless Life

Have you ever created a dream board, or written a love manifesto? Get ready to buy into some of this woo woo wackadoo hippie bullshit because it's all sprinkled about Lesson 4. In this lesson we'll address the concept of holistic fulfillment in relation to dietary success and overall health and wellness.

Lesson 5: Track Your Tribe

Ever notice that a commitment to personal growth tends to come with a drop off of friends? What’s that all about? Lesson 5 will focus on finding folks to love and support your new and improved lifestyle.

Lesson 6: You Are Enough

You have everything you need. Right here. Right now. Do you believe me? Lesson 6 is all about the importance of self-love in regards to diet and overall wellbeing.

Lesson 7: Personal Strategy

Have you ever heard of the Seinfeld Strategy? It’s Jerry Seinfeld’s go-to method for successfully reaching his goals. And it’s brilliantly simple. In Lesson 7 I’ll share Seinfeld’s strategy in relation to meeting long-term goals. We’ll also dig deep into your personal goals, outlining sound methods to keep you on track after our time together.

Farewell Video

Final thoughts on living the keto-life beyond our time together. 

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