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10 Habits Encouraging Depression (and 10 practices to break them)

  1. Focusing on the negative- Get accustomed to giving gratitude daily.  Try writing down 3 things you’re grateful for right before going to bed.  This practice will invite peaceful slumber and promote fresh perspective.

  2. Drinking to cope- It’s no surprise that depressants encourage depression.

  3. Isolating yourself- Involve yourself.  Give back.  Participate in a community event.  Volunteer.  Engaging with others through service is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people while feeling useful.

  4. Perpetually comparing yourself to others- This takes conscious, consistent effort to acknowledge and avoid.  Your journey is your own.  OWN IT!

  5. Consuming too much tragedy- Be it news reports, politics, devastating documentaries or depressing books, it all infiltrates and pollutes positive perspective.  Occasionally, a bit of ignorance can be absolutely blissful.

  6. Not sleeping enough- Staying away from heavy meals, caffeine, and alcohol 3 hours prior to bed increases the likelihood of participating in quality zzz’s.

  7. Eating poorly- Sugar is directly linked to depression, whereas Omega 3’s (found in salmon, olive oil, coconut oil etc.) are suggested to reduce depression.

  8. Working at a job that undervalues you- 40 hour work weeks add up to 160 hours a month and nearly 2,000 hours a year.  That’s a considerable amount of time devoted to an under-stimulating, and less than appreciative company. Work doesn’t just pay the bills, it constitutes a tremendous amount of our time, energy and focus.  You deserve to be challenged, stimulated, and valued.  You’re worth it!

  9. Toxic Relationships- Romantic or not, pessimistic attitudes breed pessimism and optimistic attitudes breed optimism.  Choose your relationships wisely.

  10. Neglecting self-care- Whatever it is that makes you feel happy, make time for that.  Prioritize YOU!

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