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3 Keys to Living Life at Your Highest Frequency


Give Gratitude– If you want to raise your frequency, I suggest you begin with gratitude. Recognizing and appreciating the abundance of wealth in your life sets an optimistic and welcoming stage for more- you guessed it! Abundance. Life is limitless. The more grateful you are, the more charmed your life will become.

Try it- before going to bed. Write a list of 5 things you’re grateful for. Whatever comes to mind, write it down and give sincere appreciation.

Be Authentic- Being true to yourself is wildly important- in life, in love and in business. Forget expectations and stop with the comparisons. The world doesn’t need more generic prototypes, the world needs more of you- corky, awkward, mismatched, unusual you. Don’t worry when authentically you doesn’t appeal to everyone- you’re not designed to. Authenticity will attract your tribe. And that’s exactly what you’re seeking- those who will willingly drink your Kool-Aid.       

Observe yourself in different arenas, and amongst different relationships. Where do you feel the most comfortable? Where and with whom do you feel the best version of yourself? Experience how great it feels to be unapologetically you. 

Share Your GiftsWhat would you be doing if money was no object? While this question serves well to identify passion, it doesn’t necessarily address gifts.

What are your gifts to share with the world?

What are you good at? What comes natural to you that may be difficult for others? What sort of advice are you often asked to offer? These questions help identify your gifts. Humans are social creatures. We thrive in collaborative environments. In order live at our highest frequency, we must contribute to humanity- we must share our gifts.

Recognize your gift. After doing so, brainstorm ways in which sharing your gift would benefit others. Remember, you were designed to share and others want what you have to offer. Go ahead, put your gift to the test. Think up creative ways to offer your product or service. Don’t be afraid to monetize your offering. After all, It represents your time and energy, and it could be the means to quitting that job you’ve been loathing. 

When you live an authentic life doing what you LOVE & LOVING what you do you will effortlessly raise your frequency!

Do you have any tips to help others raise their frequency? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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