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3 Signs You’re a Sugar Addict + What to do About it


Every year I think I’ve got a hold on Holiday health and yet every year that sneaky rat bastard (sugar) slimes its way back into my life. That manipulative little shit.

Are you suffering from the same toxic relationship?

1. Do you often crave simple carbohydrates (beer, bread, processed foods)? 2. Do you often crave salty foods such as meat or chips? 3. When you do get your hands on sugar, are you likely to consume it in excess- to the point of not feeling well?

If you answered yes to at least two of these- you my friend, are an addict. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Like most, come January I’m fed up- Fed up with the brain drain. Fed up with the soft body that’s become my own. Fed up with the fatigue and general apathy looming overhead.

Fed up is a good place to be. It’s a powerful place- an, I’m ready to reinvent my life sort of place.

Take full advantage of fed up!

For a number of years I felt exceptionally guilty falling off the wagon- like it made me an inauthentic Health Coach. That’s garbage. Now I recognize I’m not a coach willing to live or promote perfection. I’m a promoter of balance, longevity and mindfulness. Occasional indulgence should be experienced, enjoyed and short lived. Drop the guilt. Drop the shame and get back on the wagon.

I understand, sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes we’re so far gone we feel like we’ve lost our way.

So you need a little guidance. Don’t be ashamed- we all do.

What do you think Michael Jordan would have become if early on in his career he determined, “I’m good enough, I don’t need a coach.” We all need coaching in some form of our lives- it’s what allows for growth, progression and evolution- things we should all strive for.

If it’s guidance you’re seeking, I’m here to help. After years of battling my own sugar addiction I’m finally feeling like I’ve got a one-up on the master manipulator. I’ve compiled my battle techniques into a definitive guidebook in which I’ve entitled, Breaking up with Sugar. I’m pleased to announce its release on January 9th, 2017!

If you’re interested in kicking the New Year off right by putting an end to your toxic relationship be sure to pre-order (Paypal payment button is on the right sidebar of the home page) your copy of Breaking up With Sugar today! In order to reinforce the effectiveness of the guidebook, I’m offering a 30-day guided detox beginning January 10th. The guided detox will be hosted through Facebook and will follow the information offered in the Ebook with daily themes and actionable tips. Join the closed Facebook group, Breaking up With Sugar today for interactive support!

Don’t hesitate to comment below with any questions or concerns. Happy detoxing!

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