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5 Morning Rituals to Increase Productivity

Productivity and efficiency begin with simplicity. Time management isn’t about knocking out an unreasonable to-do list in one day’s time. It’s about cutting fat. Slimming the list. Shifting the mindset from quantity to quality. Morning sets the tone for the day.  Waking up with calm, collected attention sets you up for success.

5 Morning Rituals to Increase Productivity

  1. Make your bed It’s tempting not to.  It’s tedious, and rather frivolous considering it’s bound to be destroyed in approximately 15 hours time.  However, doing so prompts order and organization.

  2. Meditate Meditation is simply the practice of presence.  Taking even 60 seconds to be present leads to greater clarity and understanding throughout your day.

  3. Oil Pull Not only will you whiten and brighten your smile, the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) within coconut oil have been found to boost cognitive performance.

  4. Shoot Wheatgrass Whether fresh, powder or pill form, one shot of wheatgrass contains your daily recommended intake of amino acids.  L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine are involved in maintaining proper brain function, specifically promoting clarity.

  5. Review your vision board A vision board doesn’t have to be an elaborate poster board of expressive creativity (but that’s ok if it is ;).  My vision board is on a 3X4 postcard.  It reminds me of my mission, focus and intention.  It takes 30 seconds each morning to read through.  It reinforces priorities, daily.

Select one morning ritual that resonates with you.  Take it on.  Turn it to habit.  EVERYONE has 60 seconds to spare.  No excuses!

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