5 unsuspecting foods sabotaging your weight-loss efforts

  1. Fruit– Would it surprise you to hear that one banana contains approximately 19 grams of sugar? While you’re much better off chowing down a banana verses a Kit Kat bar, just understand that excess sugar in the body, natural or not, is converted into fat.

  2. Trail mix– Unless you’re mixing it yourself most prepackaged trail mix contains an exorbitant amount of sugar and sodium. DIY options are limitless if you head to the bulk food section of your nearest Whole Foods store. Reach for raw (unsweetened and unsalted) nut and seed options. Sweeten minimally with unadulterated banana chips, coconut shavings, gooseberries, apricots etc. Strive for variety.

  3. Protein bars– Are you aware that a Cliff bar contain as much sugar as a Krispy Kreme doughnut? Yikes! Most protein bars are glorified cookies. Beware of sugar content when reaching for them. Epic bars are a high quality choice- low in sugar and big on flavor.

  4. Gluten-free foods– Allergy or not, many are jumping on the gluten-free band wagon. While naturally gluten-free products such as quinoa or buckwheat are wise choices, processed products generally supplement flavor with sugar or additives. A gluten-free label does not guarantee a healthy product.

  5. Smoothies– If your smoothie tastes too good to be true, it probably is. Sorry to break it to you but most smoothies (even the green ones) are loaded with sugar. Again, I’m not implying that your green smoothie is as rotten as a Coca-Cola, I’m simply suggesting you count that smoothie as your sugar for the day.

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