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5 Ways to Prevent PMS, Naturally

Sorry gentlemen, this one goes out to all the pussy cats out there…

Shark week is rounding the corner and you’re feeling fatigued, bloated, irritable and unreasonably sensitive. We’ve all been there- amidst a sudden pool of tears, a confused man asking, “why are you crying?” Only to respond, equally as baffled, “I don’t know.” Welcome to the wonderful world of womanhood!

Sorry ladies, being a woman does not entitle you to a monthly ‘get out of jail free card.’ Yes, hormones are the real deal and indeed they have a mind of their own. However, there’s something you may not know. We have far more control over pre-menstrual symptoms than most of us would care to admit.

Here 5 Actions You Can Take to Avoid PMS

1.  Reduce your sodium intake– Sodium causes the body to retain water.  Less sodium = less bloating. 2.  Cut back on caffeine– Adrenal glands function to produce essential hormones. Cortisol, a stress hormone regulator is produced by the adrenal glands.  Chronic consumption of caffeine stresses adrenal function and affects cortisol production. 3.  Limit alcohol consumption– Alcohol damages the liver, preventing it from excreting excess estrogen.  Increased estrogen levels can lead to emotional instability. 4.  Be weary of inorganic meat and dairy choices– PMS is a result of hormonal imbalance.  Conventional animal products are often pumped full of hormones.  When consumed, these additional hormones can cause harmful imbalances. 5.  Relax!– Stress is arguably the number one cause of PMS.  Hike, bike, read, relax- whatever it is that you do to de-stress- do that!

5 Natural supplements to alleviate symptoms:

  1. Magnesium

  2. Bupleurum root

  3. Cinnamon

  4. Maca powder

  5. EPA/DHA (omega 3 fatty acids)

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