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Aging Graciously

aging graciously

Last month I was privileged to participate in a long overdue family celebration.  We met at grandpa’s in Old Town Eureka Springs Arkansas.  While delighting the senses with a decadent spread of hors d’oeuvres and Argentine Malbec, we began discussing birthday festivities.  Not so much as a casual mention of turning 35 sent my sister into roaring laughter.  She turned to me and asked, “seriously Kate?”  To which I appropriately responded, “what?” “You’re not turning 35,” she said, “you’re turning 34 fool.”  I must admit, I had to take a minute to calculate.  After a rage of laughter, I began thinking…

Honestly, who cares?  I cared so little, I forgot.

Age isn’t so much a number, as it is a feeling.  Much like numbers on a scale.  It doesn’t matter what the numbers read.  It’s all about where you are in mind, body and soul.

American culture glorifies milestone birthdays.  A child’s first birthday generally entails a celebration of outlandish proportions.  13 is an age of growth and development.  At 18, one can legally purchase tobacco, or in many countries, alcoholic beverages.  At 21, the doors of opportunity open to the bar or club scene.  All SO exciting, and encouraging.  Birthdays at these ages are truly celebrated!  What happens after the 21st milestone is rather peculiar.  Especially so in the female department.  Suddenly the celebrating turns into denial and “don’t mention it.”

What’s this all about?

I vividly recall my 30th birthday.  Weeks prior to the ‘dirty thirty’ I was bombarded with negative commentary.  Twenty somethings started coming out of the wood work announcing their repugnance for the alleged dooms day.  I couldn’t quite figure it out.  I was exceptionally enthusiastic for my 30’s.  I was convinced they would be years of epic proportions, and I was right!

To all the 20 something ladies out there contributing to the negative connotation associated with aging: 30’s are your 20’s, with perks!  I’m turning 34 today!  I can genuinely say I’m feeling physically empowered, mindfully self assured and emotionally stable (that is, as emotionally stable as a woman can be at any given age). 😉  Last year’s work will inevitably lead to this years strength and progression.

I’m grateful to turn another year wiser.  Let the festivities begin!

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