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Are You Ashamed of Aging? Cultivate your inner-unicorn and stop giving a shit.


What?! You say it’s your birthday!?!$! Well then, why aren’t we out painting the town? Oh, you’re not sold on the whole birthday thing? I see, you’d rather pretend you’ve got that Benjamin Button?

Remember when your birthday was something to celebrate?

At what age do we trade cake for concern?

And what are we so concerned about? Saggy tits? Varicose veins? Hair loss? Slowed metabolism?

Or, does it cut deeper? Does the dreaded b-day raise concern of an over-promised, underachieved, overwhelmed and unfulfilled life? Another year older = another year farther from your hearts desires?

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to. You can start living the inspired life- the life you’ve always envisioned. Today is an opportunity to re-evaluate your authentic dreams and desires- and need I remind you expectation and obligation are not the stuff dreams are made of! You are at liberty to unleash the wild, untamed spirit that’s lived dormant while you’ve snoozed your life away. Today is the day to begin again.

Stop moping around complaining that you’re another year older and celebrate the fact that you’re another year wiser!

This is your evolution, and it’s magical! Embrace it!

Happy Birthday fellow Virgos 😉

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