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Clean Eating on a Budget


I’ll give it to you, eating healthy on a budget is a difficult task. However, it’s certainly not impossible. It all boils down to priorities. If you’re spending $50 at the bar 2-3x a week you have money to spend on clean eating- you’re just not prioritizing it.

Here are a few tips to help you along your way:

1. Hit up your local farmers markets– Farmers markets are cropping up nationwide. There is clearly demand for fresh, local produce. Take advantage! Get to know your local vendors. Show up early and beat the crowd. 2. Invest in a crockpot– I purchased a stylish pot at Target for under $20. I cook everything in it! Whole, rotisserie style chicken, bbq pulled pork, garbanzo bean salad, yes please! Instead of purchasing partial products such as chicken breasts you can purchase the whole bird for nearly the same price. The crockpot will take care of the bones. The meat will be so tender after a slow-cook that it will fall off the bone. 3. Buy in bulk– My boyfriend and I crush olive oil, I’m talking 750mL a week- easy. Recently we purchased a gallon at our local natural foods store saving ourselves $20+. 4. Purchase seasonal products– Seasonal purchases are not only better for your body, they tend to be environmentally conscious as well. If you’re a Florida resident you’re well aware of the lionfish epidemic. Lionfish are an invasive species populating the Atlantic and Caribbean reefs. Their numbers are growing at such alarming rates that food vendors have begun pushing their sales. You can find fresh lionfish fillets at your local Whole Foods or neighborhood fish vendor for $10.99/lb- that’s quite a catch ;). 5. Keep in mind the Clean 15 Organic purchases are crucial if you want to avoid pesticide contaminated produce. Though we all know how quickly your cart can add up. Here is a list of produce that tends to be less contaminated than most (allowing you to get away with purchasing conventional). Onions Sweet corn Pineapple Avocado Cabbage Sweet peas Asparagus Mango Eggplant Kiwi Domestic cantaloupe Grapefruit Watermelon Mushrooms

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