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Clean Fuel


Cooking up in 15 minutes, this power fuel is an excellent choice for individuals on the go!

HERE’S HOW: 1 cup quinoa (I prefer a mixed blend of red, white and black) 2 cups water 3 handfuls fresh kale 1 cup grape tomatoes 1 avocado 1-2 TBL olive oil Fresh cracked pepper Himalayan sea salt

Prepare the quinoa first. Bring 1 cup quinoa & 2 cups water to a boil. Once boiling, cover and reduce heat to med. Cook until water is fully absorbed (about 15 minutes). The texture should be light and fluffy.

While the quinoa is cooking, prepare the other ingredients. In a large bowl add the avocado, tomatoes and kale. Add the quinoa and season to taste with olive oil, cracked pepper and sea salt.

Travels well & saves for days!

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