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Comfort Zones Inhibit Growth


“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” -Warren G Tracy’s student

After 5 years of residency, I was exceptionally comfortable calling Hawaii home. Nothing about Miami sounded comfortable. Quite the contrary actually, re-establishing home base sounded downright dreadful. Alternatively, complacency was NOT an option.

6 months ago I took initiative to start living as most won’t. Trusting my intuition, I packed two bags and hot footed to a city I had not so much as visited. “Ready, not ready,” I repeated.

Often the things we need most are buried beneath a stack of overwhelming comfortable desires.

Comfort zones arguably inhibit growth. We are habitual creatures by nature. Our brains are programmed to connect at particular synapses. The nature of the programming depends on the individual. Habit reinforces connection through well-worn neural pathways.   Neural connections are indiscriminate, promoting both constructive and deconstructive behavior. Evidence suggests pushing out of our comfort zone actually produces new neural connections, encouraging growth and challenging intellect. As one works towards changing the nature of their programming, the strength of the old synapses may urge one to revert back to comfortable patterns.

How true!  Feeling alone and entirely out of my element raised concerns.  “Did I make the right decision?” “Should I have blown my entire savings on a whimsical dream?”  What a bizarre design…

Our best interests are often revealed in the most uncomfortable of circumstances.

“Finding comfort in uncomfortable situations,” a mantra perpetuated by the inspired Blake Sims, often runs through my mind in such situations.  Pushing limits stimulates the mind, challenges capabilities, and redefines abilities. It’s an uncomfortable process of raw, vulnerable exposure, guaranteed to yield positive progression.

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