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What are you determined to accomplish this month?

Let’s talk INTENTIONS… As with just about anything in life, verbalizing ones desires and aspirations serves as an initial step in the process of actualization and fulfillment. However, as speech can be fleeting, I find it obliging to translate my spoken word to written.  In an effort of organizing the overflow of intentions, I prefer to break them down.

Daily Intentions are set for specific tasks, appointments, and basic responsibilities. Try to limit your lists. Aim for feasible daily goals. Write them down and cross them off after completion. Today’s intentions: -Blog -Laundry -Organize Health History forms & review appointments scheduled for Monday -Prepare clean food to take to work -Work @ 6

Weekly Intentions are devoted to taking the baby steps necessary in the execution of loftier goals. Use your weekly intentions as a guide. Organize your plans and schedule daily events in accordance to a slightly bigger picture. This week’s intentions: -Complete two Health Histories -Schedule Acupuncture appointment -Reconnect with clients & discuss next step within their program -Work on website -Deep clean house

Monthly Intentions are excellent opportunities to take on new challenges. Explicitly preparing for monthly challenges allows me to focus my direction and channel my energy appropriately. December’s intentions: -Refrain from refined sugars & starches. Recalibrate my palate to appreciate Mother Nature’s sweet treats. -Put work into second job, deposit $500 into savings by the end of the month. -Ship gift packages to Mom & Jen -Publish website -Meditate daily (if even for 2 minutes)

Yearly Intentions are reserved for goals of grandeur. Determine your expectations for the year. Intentions for 2014: -Establish my practice as a certified holistic health coach -Sign up for a Triathlon -Get involved with teaching workshops -Execute a controlled arm-to-forearm handstand -Explore the East Coast -Plan a biking/hiking excursion through the Appalachian -Move to Miami -Set aside Iceland fund

Aim for realistic goals. Try to limit yourself to 5 within each category (excluding yearly intentions). Revisit each frequently. Set up reward systems for yourself.


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