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Eating for Energy


Before graciously bidding farewell to the incredible island of Oahu, it is imperative that I take one last pass at Kauai’s magical Na Pali coast.  This majestic trail is nothing shy of fantasy!  Eleven miles of rugged terrain is well worth the sweat in the presence of brilliant red rock, rich cascades of green, and electric blue waters.  Having previously hiked Na Pali’s treacherous coastline, I am well aware that all provisions must be carried in and out, on your back.

Clearly, this trip would be an ideal time to bust out my badass spearfisherman skills.  In the absence of skills, and the fear of mud butt promoting, preservative laden MRE’s, I began thinking…

How can I efficiently fuel my body while living out of a backpack?

My solution: wheatgrass, fish oil and powerballs!


Principle Number 2: Powerballs I could meticulously detail recipes for dozens of varieties, OR I could teach you the principle and leave the experimenting up to you!

Powerballs necessitate a high speed blender or food processor and some simple knowledge of texture and consistency.



First: select choice nuts and/or seeds: almonds (slivered) cashews brazilian pistachios (de-shelled) pecans peanuts walnuts sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds you get the idea… Toss the nuts/seeds in the blender and pulse until desired consistency

Second: add choice dried fruit gogi berries golden berries mulberries apples cherries cranberries raisins currents coconut shavings Blend, or toss in whole

Third: add an emulsifier dates figs coconut oil apricots prunes mango crystalized ginger almond butter (unadulterated) peanut butter (unadulterated) This is the ingredient that will hold it all together

Fourth: select desired superfood chia seeds (omegas) flax seeds (omegas) bee pollen (protein) maca (aphrodisiac) hemp seed (protein) cacao powder (antioxidant) camu camu berry powder (immune booster) Rei-shi mushroom tincture (immune booster) Spirulina (detox) Cayenne (anti-inflammatory) Experiment with natural, raw supplements. These are what supercharge your balls! 🙂

Option to add sweetener raw honey agave organic maple syrup Take into account that dried fruits contain a fair amount of sugar (this is especially true of dates).

The following is an embellished recipe derived from Stephanie Tourles book, Raw Energy.

Peanut butter bliss 1 cup raw almonds 1 cup dried unsweetened cherries 1 cup unadulterated peanut butter 1 TBL raw honey 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 1 TBL maca powder pinch of Himalayan sea salt

First, process almonds to desired consistency.  Next, add the remaining ingredients.  Finally, form the dough into bite size balls. Wrap, and store in fridge until departure. These save 2-3 weeks and pack a powerful punch!

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