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Give up on guilt


What is that all about?


Believing relaxation and indulgence should be earned, I’ve come to realize that I suffer from petty guilt when I haven’t worked for my rest and recovery.  Luckily, the remedy is rather straight forward.

Re-evaluate goals and adjust accordingly.


We’ve all made the mistake of setting lofty goals, failing to follow through, and beating ourselves up after the fact.  I too, was inclined to set outrageous goals, miss the mark and shamefully give up on them.  I’m adopting a far better approach.

Don’t trash the goal.  Redesign the goal.

Instead of vowing to quit drinking for two months, try limiting consumption to once a week, and only in a celebratory environment.  Rather than striving to wake up at 7am every morning and snoozing until 8, set the alarm for 8am, and refuse to snooze.  Instead of promising to run 4 times a week, perhaps start with once a week.

Setting small, feasible goals leads to accomplishment and ultimately diminishes guilt.  Give it a try.  I guarantee you’ll wake much lighter!

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