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How I’m Killin’ Cancer With Diet


How do you ketotarians do it?

Seriously though? I’m not even hating— truly, I’m in awe!

After being diagnosed with melanoma, my initial reaction was to take responsibility for whatever part I had in its manifestation and seriously clean up my diet.

Now understand, as a Nutritional Consultant my diet was pretty damn healthy to begin with— or at least I thought so. I was a CLEAN keto enthusiast, a conscious carnivore, and a serious lover of leafy greens— good start, right?!

But come to find out, many of the foods I was enjoying— coffee, grass-fed beef, raw dairy, natural wine, etc. were acid-forming foods— and (no surprise here) an acidic environment is what cancer likes best.

So back to the ketotarians.

Following the diagnosis, I put myself on a SUPER strict ketotarian regimen— meaning no cheats (wine, dairy, keto-friendly sweeteners ect.), no animal protein (The worst! But excess protein in the diet fuels cancer.), full documentation, and extended periods of intermittent fasting. Beyond that, I began researching my face off. I had read many times, that the ketogenic diet is an excellent cancer-starvation plan for various forms of cancer— but what sorts of cancer were they referring to? It quickly became clear that brain, prostate and breast met the keto criteria, however, I found very little information regarding the benefits of keto in conjunction with melanoma.

What I did find, was a wealth of info recommending an alkaline diet as a means of cancer treatment. So it made perfect sense to me— if the keto diet is effective at starving out cancer cells, and the alkaline diet is effective at providing inhabitable living quarters—  than an keto-alkaline diet would be the fail-proof battle plan to starve these bastards out!

So what does my keto-alkaline battle plan look like?

Melanoma Battle Plan.png

Well, it’s pretty boring to tell you the truth. It’s basically an anal-retentive pescatarian ketogenic diet married with alkaline-forming foods. Now if you don’t understand this whole alkaline diet thing, don’t worry— it’s a little confusing at first, but I’ve got you covered with the deets in next weeks post.

For the time being, here’s a brief overview:

Anal-Retentive Pescatarian Diet

0001 - 2019-03-19T195734.782

Alkaline Diet

0001 - 2019-03-19T200633.111

In order to make sure I’m getting in ALL the greens, I’ve taken to juicing a collection of alkaline superfoods and storing leftovers in the fridge for easy access. Curious what this super-elixir is comprised of? Click here to access the recipe to my cancer-fighting elixir.

Now as for supplements, there’s a fair share. The following is a list of cancer-fighting supplements that I’m taking down the hatch, on a daily basis. I do plan on elaborating on the importance of each supplement in a future post, but for now, the list should suffice.

Cancer-fighting Supplements

Sweedish Bitters Essiac Tea Blue Majik Turmeric Oil Chlorella Oregano Oil Superieur Electrolytes Fermented Beet Powder Frankincense Oil

This dietary plan has been a lifesaver (in SO many ways), especially so in terms of empowerment. Being diagnosed with cancer can feel like a life-sentence you have no control over— but it shouldn’t— because you DO have control over what you choose to feed (or not feed) the cancerous cells.

Do you need help putting together a battle-plan in order to combat cancer? Click here to connect with me and get started today! 

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