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How I’m Meeting Cancer

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Earlier this year I promised to begin sharing my vulnerabilities with my clients as well as with you all— so here goes it— I was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer just last week. Now I certainly wouldn’t downplay the horrifying feeling that can overcome you when you’re first told you have a potentially deadly form of cancer— but to be perfectly honest, I haven’t felt more vibrant in years.

Let me explain. For the last 5 years I’ve been building my nutritional consulting practice. This has entailed 80-hour work weeks (split between my day job at Charred, contracting work with NCH, and personal business development). No problem, I thought, this IS my purpose work, and it requires years of serious sacrifice— so suck it up!

I suppose I didn’t realize how desperately I needed rest and recovery until I was diagnosed. Amazing how your entire life can feel hulk-smashed within a matter of minutes. I mean, we’re all aware of how volatile life truly is, right? And occasionally we’re reminded of this, so we work on our gratitude and appreciation for ALL of the everything life has to offer. But, we never whole-heartedly appreciate our time here on this little rock until we fear it’s going to be cut short.

So for the record, I don’t fear my time is going to be cut short. I still have SO much to do/see/feel and experience. And I’m still convinced I’m going to live to be 100+ years old.

I think the real bitch lies in the realization that we’re all actually powerless to the when.

You see, you can map a plan of action and have all the pieces in place. Hell, you can even do the daily work down to a calculated t. But you never know what sort of masked opportunities the good ol’ Universe has in store for you along the way.

So that’s how I’m choosing to meet cancer— as a masked opportunity.

I’ve been given an opportunity to slow down and smell the damn roses, to nourish my body, and appreciate more of what life has to offer. That means letting go of ANY limiting beliefs that I will become a sad statistic, and embracing cancer for the opportunity it truly is.

Cancer is an opportunity for bravery. Cancer is an opportunity for overwhelming appreciation. Cancer is an opportunity to develop a powerful testimony for the ketogenic diet. Cancer is an opportunity to meet my abs for the first time. Cancer is an opportunity to realign with my purpose work.

So I thank you, dear Universe for this incredible opportunity. I promise I won’t disappoint.

Curious to know what I’m eating in order to nourish my body and fight against cancer? Next week I’ll fill you in on my dietary plan of action to kick cancer’s ass and call myself a bonafide survivor!

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