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Lox + Guac


Lox + Guac

You may not be a morning person, but your body is! This is the perfect 5-min meal to hold you down for a long days work, or to repair muscle after a morning gym sesh.


  1. Sprouted Ezekiel bread

  2. 2 slices heirloom tomato

  3. Fresh guacamole

  4. Wild-caught smoked salmon

  5. Micro greens

  6. 1 tsp capers


  1. Pumpernickel bread

  2. Fresh roma tomatoes or pico de gallo

  3. Sliced avocado

  4. Fried egg

  5. Goat cheese (for the veggies)

  6. Raw cashew cheese (for the vegans

  7. Fresh pea tendrils, alfalfa or sunflower sprouts

Here’s How

  1. Toast the bread.

  2. Spread avocado.

  3. Layer with tomato and smoked salmon.

  4. Top with sprouts and capers.

  5. Enjoy my friends!

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