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My Life is Magic


MAGIC is definitively the mantra of the month. Suddenly it’s everywhere- or perhaps it always was. Noting the time at precisely 11:11, coaching statements processed at 1:11, odometer observed at 111,111 miles- I’m picking up what you’re throwing down dear Universe- and I’m listening.

Coincidence is the mind’s way of sensibly explaining the unexplainable. Magic, far from sensible falls into the hands of the limbic brain, relying on feeling and intuition. Magic necessitates belief. Believing in the presence of magic actually fosters its very existence.

When you’re open and willing, the Universe takes note. Things begin falling into harmonious alignment.

Some call it coincidence. I call it magic.

Magic is the mantra. Say it with me, “my life is magic.”

Surrender your outcome driven thinking to divine timing and let the magic unfold!

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