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NORRIS November


This month’s theme was inspired indeed by the one and only CHUCK NORRIS. (CHUCK NORRIS must be spelled with all capital letters in order to be correct, or you’ll be roundhouse kicked through the fifth dimension).

Considering CHUCK NORRIS’s daily excercise routine includes wrestling bears, holding back airplanes with his bear hands, pushing trains, and lifting mountains with ease; what does NORRIS November entail for the rest of us? NORRIS November involves examining your current workout regimen & adding some heat! Where are you weak?  Strength training, stretching, cardio?  Focus attention on your most challenged avenue. How many days a week do you dedicate to training?  3, try 4; 4, try 5.  ALWAYS allow yourself at least one day of recovery! Push your limits Try something new Find comfort in uncomfortable situations Breathe

What does your plan look like?

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