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Oil Pulling: Why You Should


The Benefits:

  1. Relieves hangovers

  2. Reduces insomnia

  3. Prevents bad breath

  4. Whitens teeth

  5. Strengthens teeth, gums + jaw

  6. Supports kidney function

  7. General detoxification

How To:

  1. Begin on an empty stomach.

  2. Use unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil.

  3. Use the right amount for you (no more than a tablespoon).

  4. Swish around for 5-20 minutes (don’t gargle).

  5. Multi-task (I generally shower or apply makeup while oil pulling).

  6. As you swish the oil becomes toxic. Be sure to spit it into a trash can rather than the sink.

  7. Brush teeth as normal after spitting out the oil.

  8. Try it again tomorrow. Oil pulling for the first time can be rather unpleasant. I encourage you to give it another go- it’s strangely addictive.


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