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Quit your day job + start living your passion!


If you won the lottery tomorrow would you continue to work? Do you feel like you’re contributing to the betterment of society through your work? Do you feel proud to tell people what you do for a living? Can you confidently claim your work will leave a legacy?

If you answered NO to the majority of the the questions above,

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you may be going about this life thing all wrong.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one grinding away at a unrewarding job.  The average American spends a minimum of 40 hours a week working.  With 168 hours in a week (56 of which are devoted to sleeping) there are many more living largely uninspired lives.

If you’re ok with working simply to pay the bills than by all means read no further. For those of you that dream of working with purpose, passion and intention stop dreaming and get to work!

5 ways in which you can take action today

  1. Define your passion- Don’t just ask yourself what you love to do.  Most of us love to eat.  Unless you’re Park Seo-Yeon, it’s not likely you’ll find someone willing to pay you to eat.  Ask yourself what you’re good at.  What are you often helping people with or advising they do?  This is where the gold is.  Getting paid to help people solve problems is highly rewarding, both emotionally and financially.

  2. Foster Belief– Believe that you are enough, because you are.  Believe you can rely on your resourcefulness, and you will.  Without belief you don’t stand a chance.

  3. Become Socially Savvy– Resistance to social media is detrimental.  Small beans businesses MUST rely on guerrilla marketing. If you’re unwilling to evolve you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

  4. Establish Expertise– There are no limitations here.  Both virtual and personal means will work.  If your business concept is entirely virtual it will be crucial that you establish yourself through web presence.  YouTube videos, Webinars, Ebooks, Blogs and Newsletters are all excellent avenues to explore.  Building your online presence establishes credibility, and credibility is crucial in the world of business.

  5. Consistency is Key– It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed with options when you’re entering the start-up phase.  Focus is clutch, but what to focus on?  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, newsletters, Ebooks, blogs aaaaahhhhh!!!  My advise, choose one or two avenues to begin with and execute them well!  Many claim the most important aspect of effective social marketing (arguably even more so than high-quality content) is consistency.  People want to know you can be counted on.  They will come to expect your attendance.  Consistency is imperative!

I hope this motivates you to get off your duff and grab life by the balls.  There’s really no excuse anymore in living uninspired.  Business is not reserved for the highly educated, trust fund babies.  Entrepreneurship is embraced by those ambitious enough to pursue it.

I’d love to hear your start-up story, if your feeling inclined to share.  Inspire on! 🙂

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