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Seasonal Inspiration


Living in Hawaii has it’s guaranteed share of perks. However, there is one very crucial season Hawaii so casually skips over…autumn. Aside from the glorious offerings of crisp air, dried leaves piled for jumping, & warm apple cider fresh off the press; autumn exudes renewal.


I’ve been examining the relationships I hold close.  With limited time, and potential expiration at any given point, it’s crucial to share of yourself only with those deserving of your energy.  Life is too short, and time is too precious to be spent in the company of those who simply drain your reserves.  I asked myself which relationships are serving me, which are not?  By limiting energy wasted on the unappreciative, I’ll have more to share with those worthy of my time.

I’ve also been cleansing with seasonal food.  Fall foods tend to be comforting, warm & grounding.  Mini scotch quail eggs, butternut squash soup & turmeric elixirs are all on October’s menu.  I’ll keep you posted on recipes. 😉

Titillating Turmeric Freshly pressed Turmeric Ginger Lemon Apple Coconut water Rei-shi mushroom (optional immunity booster)

Feel free to share your seasonal inspirations!

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