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Simply Sautéed Spinach


Veggies don’t need to taste awful, and they certainly shouldn’t be complicated. The following is the simplest sauté to accompany a lovely chicken or fish dish.


  1. 2 large handfuls washed, fresh spinach

  2. 1 TBL ghee or grass-fed butter

  3. Pinch Himalayan sea salt

  4. 1 TBL white vinegar (for washing)

  5. 1/2 lemon (optional for seasoning)

IMG_2285 2.JPG

Here’s How

  1. Wash spinach in vinegar bath (unless you’ve purchased pre-washed).

  2. Place ghee or butter in pan and bring to med-high heat.

  3. Toss in spinach and give it a little stir. Cook until leaves are soft (3-5 minutes)

  4. Season lightly with sea salt.

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