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This is Why I Don’t Trust Doctors

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First off, I should probably re-phrase the title because there happens to be a slew of doctors I whole-heartedly trust (Dr. Axe, Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, etc.)

Let me illustrate my mistrust, or frustration rather with the conventional white cape.

Here’s how it all unfolded…

Earlier this year I noticed a mole on my right bicep had began transforming— I’d always had the mole, but suddenly it was growing— rising off the skin, itching and shedding layers. So I set an appointment with a local dermatologist to have a look at it.

March 4th I go in and have the thing shaved off— bye Falicia!

March 6th I receive the call— I’m sorry Katie, the biopsy came back— you tested positive for melanoma. You’re going to need to see a specialist in order to take further action— and you’re going to need to do this fast!

Then came the circus.

Now, had I been a responsible law-abiding citizen, I would have been comfortably covered with health insurance, which would have largely avoided this whole fiasco. But no, I was under the assumption that my lifestyle and dietary regimen would prevent dietary related illnesses such as cancer— damnitso I’m not an impervious superhero?!

The circus continued for another month and a half (until I got a hair-brained idea to plan a wedding in 24 hours and have my sister marry us in a banana suit— another story for another day). During my tour of Barnum and Bailey, I maintained positivity and unwavering survivor mentality by taking control of my own health and wellness.

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I pulled out my arsenal of tools. I understood that cancer cells weren’t adapt at feasting off fat— so I tightened up my preexisting keto protocol. I learned that cancer cells aren’t comfortable in an alkaline environment— so I pulled nearly all the acid-forming foods from my diet. I researched supplements that would boost my immune defense and promote overall cellular health. I slept more, ate less and continued to sweat it out at the gym.

By early April I was amped to see the specialist and learn more about next-step procedures. I listened as the doctor spouted off his definite understanding of melanoma and how to aggressively kill it off by cutting it out. Ok, no problem, I’m on board. I just have one ask— is there any way to test the level of invasiveness post-surgery? He looked at me cross-eyed— like why the hell would I ask such a ridiculous question. So I elaborated, honestly, I’ve been aggressively starving out the cancer and would like to know if my efforts have helped kill off some of the cancerous cells. He stopped me dead sentence and abrasively informed me that diet had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with any of this!

Now this may not sound like a big deal to you, and perhaps I AM being SUPER dramatic, but those words hit me like Lawrence Taylor— in his prime. I left feeling deflated and absolutely POWERLESS.

So what did I do? I listened to him. I drove straight to the bar and got rip-roaring drunk. You can guess what happened next— I woke up the following morning feeling even more deflated because on top of being powerless, I was now hungover AF!

That was it. That was all the power I was willing to give up.

Here’s the thing, a cancer diagnosis undeniably changes your life— it changes the way you perceive things, it changes the way people perceive you. And I can see how quickly one could succumb to its powerfully persuasive effects.

Will I be a statistic of survival? Will the doctor be able to treat me? Will chemotherapy cure me?

ALL of these questions take your power and put it in the hands of others— the doctors, the medicine and the cancer itself.

Call me a control freak, but I am NOT ok with that!

Given the opportunity to heal, our bodies have superhuman powers.

That’s not to say I don’t plan on returning to that doctor— I do. The thing is, he knows what he knows and I’ll put full faith in his ability to surgically cut this melanoma right out of my arm.

Alternatively, I know what I know. And just because I don’t own a white cape, doesn’t mean I don’t own a cape of my own. So excuse me Dr. such-and-such while I take my power back and resume my dietary cancer battle plan.

Delivering a vulnerable patient news like that could be extremely devastating.

So instead of eating a nutrient-rich, alkaline-forming diet and aiding the immune system in its fight, you’re telling me I can eat and drink ALL the garbage and the outcome will be the same?!

No way in hell does that make ANY sense to me buddy.

Sorry, but it’s not enough to rely on doctors and hospitals to heal us. Medical personnel are ONE conduit of health. Ultimately, it’s our bodies doing the healing.

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Now I get it, they just don’t teach this stuff in medical school— so unless you’re taking the time to acquire this knowledge on you own— you may be completely unaware of its validity or application. So I’m not exactly faulting the doctors (or even the system itself). I’m simply saying, there’s a HUGE discrepancy between our medical system and proper healing.

There MUST be a place for nutrition and holistic healing within our medical space— if not taught than it is OUR responsibility NOT to rely whole-heartedly on our doctors. That would be like a client of mine relying on me (the Coach) to do ALL the work. It just doesn’t work like that. What’s more, assuming responsibility over your health and healing is extremely empowering!

Thank you for that. Thank you for reminding me that I am powerful beyond measure— that I hold just as much power fighting this with combative herbs and oils, light therapy, anti-inflammatory foods, stress relief and laughter as you do fighting this with surgery and pharmaceuticals. Thank you for reminding me that this is my purpose work, and that I’m going to change the lives of SO many that would otherwise feel powerless to the system.


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