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Top 10 Reasons to Eat Local

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1.   Local food is the freshest

Locally grown produce tends to be sold within 24 hours post-harvest.

2.  Local food is nutrient rich

The nutritional value of produce declines after harvest, less travel time means a more nutritionally complete product.

3.  Connect with the community

Farmers markets allow you to meet and connect with the people who raise and grow your food.

4.  Support the economy

By supporting local farmers money is kept within the community. Keeping money in the community boosts local economy.

5.  Serve your seasonal needs

Farmers cultivate what is in season. Seasonal eating ensures you will receive foods at their peak taste and at naturally beneficial times of the year.

6.  Conserve energy

Local farmers generally sell to communities within relative proximity.  Less transportation time equates to less fuel burned.

7.  Protect the environment

Local farmers tend to maintain cleaner approaches to farming; promoting biodiversity while protecting soil, air, and water resources.

8.  Save money

Farmers markets generally charge less than your neighborhood supermarket.

9.  Consume consciously

Understanding where your food came from and how it made its way to your plate promotes eating with awareness.

10. Treat your taste buds

Fresh produce simply tastes better!

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