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Wake up and live!

Participating in the over-stimulated and over-populated city of Honolulu occasionally calls for some serious solitude.  Setting aside solitary time is a vital component of health and wellbeing.  It promotes strength and independence, free thought and imagination.

How often do you find yourself enjoying your own company?


Without rhyme or reason I woke this morning feeling anxious and irritable.  I headed to Buddhi yoga expecting to zen my irrational mindset.  Unfazed by shivasna, I set off on a solo adventure tackling my favorite Oahu trail, Olomana.  Although the hike is a mere 2.5 miles, its 1653ft elevation gain ensures a relatively strenuous experience.  Far from the city hustle, I was able to unplug and indulge in fresh air.  Just a few hours of silent sweat did wonders for my mental state.

What do you enjoy doing solo?

If you don’t have an answer to this question I encourage you to plan some solo activities.  Take yourself out to eat, or out to the movies.  Plan an adventure hiking, biking, paddling or camping.  Whatever it is that you enjoy doing in the company of others has the potential to be equally as enjoyable in the company of yourself.  In fact, your own company is often some of the most satisfying and gratifying.

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