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Wanderlust- are you in, or out?

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures… -Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland

In the past 10 years I’ve backpacked through Europe, North, Central and South America. Over the same course of time I’ve taken residence in: Michigan, California, Montana, Hawaii, Florida, Costa Rica and Spain. Sure, some of those stints lasted no longer than 6 months- regardless, you could say I’m a bit of a wanderer.

Throughout my travels I’m occasionally asked, “What are you running from?” After giving this question considerable thought, I can confidently reply,

“I’m running to something.”

The thing is, I’ve had a glorious childhood, made exceptional friends and experienced unwavering love and support- but wanderlust it’s concerned with any of that.

Wandering has nothing to do with forgetting the past, dropping old friends and finding new love. It’s about self-exploration, adventure, making new connections and boldly moving forward into the unknown.

But I’m sure you’re well aware of this- you fellow wanderer you!

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